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SaaS provider Clika wants to lead S. Korea's MLOps market

2022년 4월 1일

Thanks to increasing adoption of AI, the startup is confident that demand for Machine Learning Operations will surge

The wider adoption of artificial intelligence around the globe calls for more data in the form of high quality photos, videos, and text.

With that, the efficient management of data also becomes more important than ever.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is touted as one of the most promising methods of data management – so much so that it accounts for approximately 90% of all Machine Learning projects around the globe.

What it does is seamlessly engage the different stages of Machine Learning development from data management, trial, and distribution. It monitors the models’ performances after a set of codes are completed and also conducts post-production work as necessary.

South Korean startup Clika Inc., which aims to provide end-to-end MLOps Solutions, won the first place at the March D.Day event held in Seoul.

The startup says it possesses the technology to compress a Machine Learning model to the most optical ratio to be equipped onto microscopic devices.

Typically, there are some 100 Machine Learning models inside a computer chip used in a typical consumer electronics product. Clika can reduce the weight of a model by up to 90%.

The AI firm aims to complete the research and development of Software as a Service (SaaS) within this year and provide it to corporate clients so they can reduce the weight of Machine Learning models and the cost of Cloud storage fees.

Clika is founded by a husband and wife duo.

Its Chief Executive Nayul Lina Kim has a marketing background and Chief Technology Officer Ben Asaf is an engineer from Israel.

This month’s pitch event was jointly hosted by startup accelerator D.Camp, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Korea Invention Promotion Association, and the Korea Technology Finance Corporation.

Head of investment at D.Camp Lee Chang-yoon, Managing Partner at Translink Investment Park Hee-duk, and several others participated as judges at the latest pitch day.

During the three months between 2019 and 2021, D.Camp and the Korean Intellectual Property Office helped raise more than 30.3 billion won ($25 million) for 18 startups.

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